Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What About Volunteer Photographers?

A couple of times I've been asked if we need photographers for the project, as we appreciate the many writers that have volunteered. While the answer - No - is simple, some background is in order.

When I conceived this project in October, I anticipated doing all the photography, writing, graphics and publishing myself. Those thoughts lasted only until the enormity of the undertaking, and balancing it with my work and other commitments, became clear. Advice from family, friends and fellow Rotarians helped fix my misconceptions.

The need for a variety of writers and a variety of styles - all well executed - became apparent. I'm not a widely published or professional writer. Very quickly, we were introduced to people in the Boulder writing community that shared our concern for this vulnerable segment of our population. And, many of these people wanted to contribute their talents. Greatly appreciated!

Through the advice and connections of others, we've been introduced to graphics and layout artists that are interested in exploring how they can help with the project. Greatly appreciated!

So that leaves the photography. Since I'm a professional photographer with over 40 years of amateur and professional experience; and since I specialize in portrait photography; and since I have the time, equipment, and ability to do an excellent job in this aspect of the project; and since my vision for this has always included consistency of style with the photography, I intend to handle the photography myself, with onsite assistance from other photographers as they would like.

It's not that we don't want additional photographers, it simply appears that we won't need them for the majority of the project.

For those interested in seeing samples of my photography, please visit

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