Monday, January 10, 2011

Adding Writers

We have over 30 writers that would like to be involved in this project to give faces and voice to the homeless in Boulder. We are eager for the writers to help tell the story of homelessness so that those in the mainstream will learn, grow and be aware.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to again meet with Doug Hill. Recently returned from a visit with family in New Jersey, Doug was formerly homeless in Boulder. He will soon start work at a new restaurant in town. Doug is a writer who has written a number of pieces about homelessness and his experience on the streets.

For our project, Doug will be paired with a mainstream person to interview about their intersection with the homeless.

Like all of our authors, Doug's picture will be included in the book along with a very brief bio. I was able to capture Doug's portrait at the Boulder Bookstore, after sharing coffee with him at Bookends, next door.

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