Friday, January 28, 2011

Betsy Duckett, RN

Yesterday, I photographed Betsy Duckett in follow-up to an interview that Doug Hill conducted with Betsy last week. Betsy is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the People's Medical Clinic on 13th Street.

Betsy knows the homeless. As the Clinic's Homeless Outreach Nurse, it is Betsy that spends much of her time outside of the clinic to meet with patients and provide access to medical care to many of Boulder's homeless population. She meets them where they are - at the Shelter, the Carriage House, Attention Homes, and elsewhere. After the photography, I showed Betsy images of those photographed for the project so far. She named each person.

A woman of great compassion, Betsy describes her calling as part medical and part social work. She's a specialized case worker.

Boulder's homeless are fortunate to have Betsy caring for them.

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  1. Betsy is a great nurse and person, she has helped me many times over the years, and I can't thank her enough, and many thanks to the People's Clinic and all the excellent Doctors there, who've helped me, and continue to help me, I have an appointment there for Monday.

    Patrick Licavoli