Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Missed Appointment

Yesterday afternoon, we were scheduled to interview and photograph a homeless woman at the Boulder library. She missed our appointment. Later, I learned that she had a chemotherapy session on Thursday, the day before, and she was sick. She simply couldn't get to our session.

When I'm sick, I can stay home in bed to recover. Where does a homeless person rest and recover?


  1. That's an excellent question, David. And it is the reason that a new service, Medical Respite Boulder, is being created. "Home care for those with no homes", respite is designed for folks not acutely ill enough to require hospitalization but too ill to navigate the streets or in a shelter. Medical Respite Boulder will arrange for a few days to rest and heal. If you would like more information, please go to

    Thanks for your good work with this project.

    All good wishes.

  2. David, that is an uncanny thought. So many of us never ever could imagine that in our own small world. As a Victim Advocate for 14 years - i have
    seen people who never imagined things like this actually happening to them. The reality that I have experienced is that very few people can relate to this until it happens to them, is in their backyard, their family, their face, THEIR life. And, at that moment, the simplest survival instincts seem so far away - ever the learning of life.