Friday, January 21, 2011

Katrina & Dionshay

Elle and I met with and interviewed Katrina and Dionshay this afternoon. What an amazing and inspirational story!

As a ward of the state of Colorado since she was two, Katrina has been homeless for much of her adult life. The opportunity to have her four year old son returned to her custody led Katrina to change her situation and get on a new path.

She is now in an apartment with Dionshay, is no longer drinking and is looking forward to a productive life. Later, she wants to return to school for training in radiology, culinary arts, or automotive repair. But, for now, her focus in on taking care of Dionshay and getting him into school.

For those that believe life is the result of the choices we make, Katrina's story shows that positive choices can turn around a life and set it on a new course. I'm inspired by this formerly homeless woman!


  1. David,

    God Bless you and your writers for picking up this amazing project!


  2. Great photo! Thanks, David, for taking it. And thanks, Katrina and Dionshay, for sitting for it.