Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Surprise Opportunity

Yesterday, I met Jade Beaty at Naropa University's Alan Ginsburg library.  Jade is now, as she has often been, between lodging locations.  Generally, she stays with friends in homes that are compatible with Jade's chemical sensitivities.  Jade works in the Denver/Longmont area and is an Intimacy Consultant through her business, Sensual Wisdom.  She's applying to become a student at Naropa.  Although she doesn't believe that she is very photogenic, I am quite pleased with yesterday's photograph of Jade.

After wrapping up at Naropa, I stopped by Zing Hair Style on Spruce Street to visit with Joy Douglas, Zing's owner.  Formerly homeless, Joy is now a local businessperson.  I photographed Joy a couple of weeks ago but did not have a model release card at that time.  Yesterday's visit was to get Joy's signature on the release card.  I'm also happy to have provided a digital file of that photograph to Joy for her use on Zing's website.

While in the area, I stopped by the Carriage House Community table to connect with Joy Eckstine, its Executive Director.  After a conversation about a tragic and senseless hit-and-run fatality involving a Carriage House guest and member of Boulder's homeless population, I was introduced to "Paul" and learned of his willingness to be included in our project.  It was a surprise to connect with Paul and have the opportunity for an unexpected photograph.  But, my years of working in sales whispered to me to take Paul's photograph now despite an afternoon of commitments, rather than trying to schedule time with Paul for some point in the future -- some time that might be more convenient for me.

Paul is a long-time Boulder resident although his college years were spent in Santa Cruz, California.  Paul's contact information will be firmed-up with access to email and a phone number in a few days. Until then, I have only a photograph and assurance from Paul that he has a VERY interesting story.  I'm sure that one of our writers will relish spending time with Paul and hearing what he has to say!

Here is "Paul's" photograph, taken just across the parking lot from the Carriage House.

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