Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Morning Photos & Stories

Yesterday morning, Elle and I joined Joy and Chad of the Carriage House, and writers Curtine Metcalf and Cheri Hoffer to find homeless people that would like their stories told.  After planning our objectives at the Carriage House, we made a beeline to the Boulder Band Shell - a part of Boulder's Central Park - where many of Boulder's homeless congregate.  (See the post of 12/21/10 for photos of and at the Band Shell.)

Near or at the Band Shell, we met with four currently homeless people and captured their photographs.  Curtine and Cheri partnered with three of the homeless for interviews.  One of the homeless men that we photographed wants to write his own story -- fulfillment of a longstanding desire to tell young people of his mistakes in a way that will encourage them to choose another path.

While we were at the Band Shell a small group of volunteers, possibly from Naropa, brought pots of warm soup and clothing to distribute.  Shortly after that, a Boulder Police officer arrived to enforce laws against distributing food without a permit.  One assumes that the intention of the laws is good - to prevent someone from knowingly or unknowingly giving "bad" food to others. But, as one of the homeless people said, "Don't they know that most of us have eaten food from dumpsters."

As our morning was finishing, Elle and I received a request from Joy.  A local salon owner, formerly homeless, would like to tell her story.  So, we stopped by the Boulder salon, set up our lights and captured the portrait. Jennifer Sleek-Klevdal will interview this entrepreneur.

One of our participants, Hope, has a service dog named Baby.  Hope says that she rescued Baby and that Baby now rescues her.  I am eager to read Curtine's story about Hope and Baby.  That's the portrait of Hope and Baby, to the left.

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