Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back from Travel

After being on the road for a couple of weeks, I was happy to return to our project today.

The morning started with a Rotary club meeting and a quick update on the project. (Very well received by Niwot Rotary members who are supportive of our vision and efforts!)

Then, off for an initial meeting with Travis Railey, Development & Marketing Director at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (  The Boulder Shelter is a huge part of the homeless landscape in Boulder and Travis was kind to spend a half hour with me to introduce the various services housed in and operated through the Shelter.  Based on that conversation, we're hoping to arrange an interview with a volunteer for Boulder County Cares.  This interview will help tell the story of the street outreach program of the Shelter that utilizes trained volunteers to canvass the community every winter evening, distributing blankets, gloves, hats, and other warm clothing, and providing food to unsheltered homeless people who are living on the streets.

We would also like to interview a long-time Shelter volunteer who serves meals to the homeless.  Such volunteer insight to the interface between the homeless and mainstream population would be excellent. Also excellent would some insight into how over 83,000 hot meals are prepared and served by the Shelter to homeless folks each year - at a cost of less than a dime each!

Then, I was fortunate to join Michelle Weiner-Davis at the Starbucks on University Hill. Michelle was completing her interview of Cassie Gedbaw, Coordinator of the CU chapter of the Colorado Public Interest Research Group. Cassie is passionate about serving the less fortunate and educating the University's students about homelessness.  One's hope for the future is bolstered when hearing of the selfless work of Cassie and her peers.  I'm eager to read the story that Michelle will write.

My morning finished with a portrait session with Cassie at the east end of Varsity Lake on the CU campus.  She's a lovely lady.  Wouldn't you agree?

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