Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two New Faces

Yesterday I met two new friends at the intersection of homelessness and mainstream.  I photographed Lisa Morzel in the Boulder City Council Chambers, and I photographed Anna Maria Pirone in her Stand Up for Kids facility.

A longtime resident of Boulder, Lisa has been a member of the Boulder City Council for years.  Starting in 1995 and continuing through today, with time away from the Council from 2003 - 2007, Lisa has represented Boulder citizens with a particular focus on environmental, social and economic issues.  When not working on city business, Lisa is a Research Geologist for USGS.  She has a particular awareness and knowledge of homelessness.  Sharon Monroe is Lisa's writer.  What an inspirational story Lisa has to tell via Sharon!

I then walked from the city Municipal building at 1777 Broadway to the Masonic Lodge at 2205 Broadway and the basement facility of Stand Up for Kids.  SUFK leases the space from the Lodge in order to help homeless and street kids.  As part of the national SUFK organization, the Boulder program focuses volunteers' passion for kids through food drives, street outreach, counseling, and providing a safe environment for kids without homes.

Anna is Executive Director of Boulder's Stand Up for Kids program. Her story is being written by Beth Bartel.  While I haven't yet seen her story, Beth has a wonderful opportunity to capture Anna's passion for kids, and Anna's amazing story of challenges while growing up in New York.

Here's a photograph of Anna Maria Pirone.

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