Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Can You Get a Book?

Ever since the books were released on March 3, there have been questions about how to get a book.  Are they available in bookstores?  Can they be purchased online?  The answer to both questions is, no.  The only way to get a book is to connect with Bridge House.  The folks at Bridge House are maintaining an inventory.  They will be happy to take your check for $35.00, payable to Bridge House, and provide you with a book. 

For people that are out of town, the expense will be more like $40.00 in order to pay for a shipping envelope and USPS postage.

This is the contact information for Bridge House:
  (303) 442-8300
  1120-1/2 Pine Street (behind the First Congregational Church)
  Boulder, CO 80302


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