Friday, December 16, 2011

It's off to the printer!

All the pictures of been taken, the stories have been written, sponsorship monies collected, and proofing has been completed. And electronically, we've gone to the printer.

Vision Graphics of Loveland, Colorado now has the electronic files of Until They Have Faces. We're hoping to receive a press proof before Vision Graphics closes for the Christmas holiday. What a great opportunity for celebration that will be!

We have received pre-production requests for 62 copies of the book (over 12% of our intended print run.). Primarily, these requests have come from writers, friends and others involved with the project. If you would like us to reserve a copy of this book for you so that you won't worry about it being sold out before you can get yours,  please just send us a note as outlined in our last post.

Some people asked that we produce/provide some sort of nice certificate that they can give others for Christmas as a promise to provide a book once it's printed and released. I'm planning on creating such a certificate this weekend. If that's something you would like just send us an e-mail and we'll send you a copy of the PDF certificate.

Had a meeting yesterday with some of the key folks involved in the project. The meeting's purpose was to get planning underway for a launch event to release the book with appropriate style.

It looks as though we will likely have two launch events:

  • one for homeless community and,
  • one for the philanthropic community.

We believe that by holding two events like this, we will be able to honor those who were subjects in the book or friends of subjects in a respectful and non-threatening environment. The gala event for the broader Boulder community can then have some of the trappings of a more traditional community fundraiser and can further bring needed resources into the homeless services environment. Our hope is to include a broad range of homeless services providers at this event.

There is still much planning to do and significant volunteer resources are needed to make this the success that we envision. If you would like to be involved in giving this book an appropriate launch in the Boulder community please let us know.

Don't forget, on December 21 at 10 AM at the Boulder Bandshell Park there will be a memorial to those homeless people who passed away this year. The memorial is held on the longest night of the year in reflection of the challenges to stay warm during the cold winter season. Hoping to see you there.

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  1. I'm so proud of you, Elle, and all who have worked hard on this ambitious, important project. Can't wait to receive my copy!