Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finished the Author Photos!

On Saturday, Elle and I hosted the remaining authors at our studio for photographs.  We had six authors join us and completed that photography segment of the project.  Below, you'll see the image for Mandy Walker.  The great thing about this - Mandy being one of the last authors to be photographed - is that Mandy wrote the story of Dan, the first of our homeless subjects to be photographed and interviewed.

We had a bit of bad news over the past few days, as well.  One of the formerly homeless people photographed in late winter and who's story was written, told us that she does not want to be included in the book.  That's a big disappointment because the story was so compelling -- a young woman kicked out of her home in her early teen years, living on the street, then completing high school, college and graduate school against the odds, and now having an honorable and respected career in the Boulder community.  She simply decided that she did not want her story told.  Such a story could have been an encouragement for many who are currently in a bad situation, and an eye-opener for others in terms of possibly adjusting their perspective of the homeless.  It would have been such a perfect story for the book.

Tonight I am honored to address a meeting of faith community representatives of Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO).  BOHO will be one of the two organizations to receive the proceeds from sales of the books.  At the meeting I will be explaining the project, our progress, and what attendees can do to support the project.

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  1. We were so glad for you to be present at the meeting, David. Folks are very interested in the book...and BOHO is grateful to share the sales profits with Bridge House.