Monday, September 12, 2011

Nearly Finished with Subject Portraits

Yesterday, I met with Frank on the Pearl Street mall.  Frank has a long-lasting relationship with Tomas deMers, one of our writers.  So, Tom and Frank had earlier worked on his story and it was now time for me to catch-up with the requirement to get the photograph.  That's a different order than most of the other photographs and stories for this project.  For the others, the photo was first captured.  Then the story was written.

This is Frank's portrait.  Readers will really like Frank's story of resilience and recovery.  Tom did a terrific job!

On Wednesday afternoon, I am scheduled to photograph Ian Engle.  Ian is the Executive Director of the Center for People with Disabilities.  Tina Downey interviewed Ian and recently completed his story.  (Ian and I met a few weeks ago during a 15-mile Rotary bike ride.  He impressed me so much, in part because although I usually climbed hills faster than Ian, he crushed me on the downhill.  Ian's bike is much different than mine.  He uses a bike that you crank by hand since his legs are paralyzed.)

When Ian's portrait is completed, the total number of subjects for which we will have portraits comes to 50.  As it stands today, we have 48 stories completed for those subjects.  There are two portraits for one of the stories.  Thus, one story is outstanding but there are very special circumstances surrounding it.  We expect it within the week.

We have five photographs for which we will not have stories.  For various reasons, the time between the portrait and the beginning of the story resulted in our inability to get the interview -- the subject moved, we lost contact, whatever.  These images may or may not be included in the book.

We have completed 21writer portraits.  We anticipate getting the remainder of those writer portraits on one of two final writer days:

  • The afternoon of September 18
  • The morning of October 1

Keep posted.  More to come....

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