Thursday, May 26, 2011

Faces at the Carriage House

Today, Joy Eckstine and I had planned to visit the Deacon's Closet at First Presbyterian Church.  The church opens to the public on Thursday mornings to offer clothing, toiletries, small housewares, books and other miscellaneous items at no cost to individuals with special or recurring needs.  We had hoped to find some homeless people there that would be willing to participate in our project by having their photograph taken and be interviewed for a story for the book.  However, we never left the Carriage House.

Today, we found plenty of people interested in participating in the project at the Carriage House.  Of course, as always, some people that were invited to participate chose to decline for a variety of reasons.  That's pretty understandable.  However, I photographed six individuals and one couple.  All pictures were taken within yards of the Carriage House.

This is the photograph of Eric and LeDriedre. Next week, they will be leaving the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and moving to permanent housing.  Congratulations on their transition!

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